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Welcome to 4x4Kiefer.de Kiefer Offroad Center

79361 Sasbach on the Kaiserstuhl

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4x4kiefer.de is your Warnseilwindenhändler in 79361 Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl
and also has your WARN Winch 4x4 EQUIPMENT

For almost every vehicle we have a warning rope winch mounting kit with TÜV certificate 4x4Kiefer.de is your WARNSEILWIND dealer.

The company WARN was founded in the USA in 1948 and since then has been developing, producing and distributing off-road equipment and accessories and is known worldwide for its winches. For off-road vehicles and pick-ups, a large selection of winches is available, whether cheap entry-level winch or high-performance winch with extras.
WARN has the right winch for every purpose.
We have warning cable winches for every vehicle on offer.

Our customers build their warning rope winches, with appropriate warning winches mounting kits, on your off-road vehicles, forestry, agriculture, towing, clearing and recovery vehicles!

But also on trailers, motorhomes and vehicles of different purposes, our WARN winches find their job.

The winch shop24 and your warn winch dealer 4x4Kiefer offers a comprehensive warn winch range.

So that no claim must remain unfulfilled!

ATV, Quad and Side by Side are used very versatile and make special demands on your warning cable winch.
And Warn meets all these requirements, with the highest quality and reliability, even in the toughest applications.

Their warnwinch supports you in your hobby as well as in tough racing. Whether at work in the forest, forest, agriculture, vines, mountain rescue or another rescue team!
Your warn winch dealer 4x4Kiefer and his winch shop24 offers the right warn winch for everyone.

The warn cable winches ProVantage series is based on the proven RT and XT series and is thus a further development of the warnwinch series, which is the measure of a good winch for many other manufacturers.
Great emphasis has been placed on improved tightness and corrosion resistance.
The engine and transmission as well as the accessories have been improved and developed accordingly.
The three-stage planetary gearbox, the patented disc brake, a new even more durable powder coating and not to forget.

New better seals round off our warn winches series with a pulling power of 1.134kg to 2.041kg.

With the success that WARN is one of the best warning winches,
Currently there is the highly competitive ATV, UTV, SxS UTV cable winch market.

It got even better and put an exclamation mark on the winch market.
Our WARNSEILWINDEN set new standards in the premier class.

But also our beginner warn winch the WARN-Vantage captivates with its high-visibility warn rope winches.

Her warn rope winch proudly announces that our warning rope winches have been installed by some well-known vehicle manufacturers when original accessories were installed and listed as original accessories.

Our warn winches are offered with a pulling power of 907kg to 1.814kg.
We offer for both warn winches versions a comprehensive warn rope winches accessories and spare parts!


n order to make it easier for you to buy your warning rope winch online. Share your warn rope winches dealers with the WARN winches in 3 different warning rope winch classes.

Last but not least, they impress with their low price. Nevertheless, with a Tabor winch, you do not have to forego any warranty, service or spare parts! 4x4 Kiefer recommends as a warn winch dealer to select a warn cable winch with a pulling power of about 1.5 to 2 times the weight of the vehicle.

Please do not underestimate the weight. The best thing is to weigh the vehicle before you buy a warn rope winch online.Our warn rope winches with matching warn winches_assembly kits or winch bumpers!

You will find our TÜV-tested offers each explicit in the vehicle selection.

Each vehicle sorted by manufacturer you will find links on our website ...

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